PTA Board & Business

Elected Executive Committee 2020-2021
President Amy Linder
Co-President Kristen Kimmich
Vice President Mary Pat Porter
Co-Vice President Danna Liebhaber
Secretary Kayci Macke
Treasurer Katelin Cole 
Co-Treasurer Mimi Mello
Appointed Committee Chairs 2020-21
Fundraising Chair open
Membership Chair Danna Liebhaber
Membership Team open
Volunteer Chair open
Teacher Liaison Gillian Buchanan
Teacher Liaison Becky Loftsgaarden
Fundraising Team
Payback Book Chair Jennifer Uhlir
PayBack Team Kat Morel
Harvest Family Fun Night/Raffle Cancelled
Winter Family Fun Night/Raffle Lisa Gonsalves
Spring Carnival Chair Kristen Kimmich
Spring Carnival Team Megan Ryan
Spring Carnival Team Mary Pat Porter
Art Cards Chair Gillian Buchanan
Art Cards Team Becky Loftsgaarden
Run for Fun Megan Ryan
Membership Team
Nominating Committee open
Review Committee open
Review Committee open
Yearbook Chair Megan Ryan
Yearbook Chair  
Birthday Table Chair Gabriella Dillard
Birthday Table Team  
Staff Appreciation Chair open
Staff Appreciation Team open
5th Grade Celebration Chair open
5th Grade Celebration Team open
5th Grade Lunch Chair Kerri Richardson
5th Grade Lunch Team Mary Pat Porter
Reflections open
Communications Team
Website open
Website open
Facebook/Instagram open
Technology Liason open
Sign Up Genius Mary Pat Porter
Google Docs/Calendar Danna Liebhaber

Are you interested in Volunteering on the Board?

There are many opportunities to be involved with PTA. Please see the button above to read officer’s duties for the Board of Directors.  With a variety of committees, teams and events throughout the year, there are many opportunities to get involved.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Kristen Kimmich. Feel free to peruse the List of Volunteer Opportunities to determine the best fit.

PTA Business

Standing Rules are the specific conditions or rules a PTA chooses to impose upon itself within the scope of the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws.  They are adopted by the membership to govern the PTA’s operation.  Standing rules can be amended at any time by a vote of the general membership.  The standing rules must be reviewed, updated (if necessary) and approved annually by the general membership.